The Story: A Beginning

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She was standing outside in her pajamas. The cool black silk top and pants gently brushed her skin as they played in the gentle breeze. In the dark she could feel her home looming behind her. The sandy soil and stubby grass were rough on her bare feet. She cast her gaze to the night sky, it was clear tonight and the stars shown stark white against the oily void. The wind gently brushed the hair from her neck. A chill ran through her body. She wrapped her robe tighter and looked around the block… everything seemed frozen in time.  All the houses were dark across the street. It was that time of night before the sun even lightens the sky, but after the height of night activities, for humans and creatures. Everything was silent. Her gaze was drawn again to the sky. The stars seemed to be drawing her in, she countered trying to draw them down to her for closer inspection. She felt dizzy, but not sick. She closed her eyes, leaned back, and breathed in the cool summer air, fresh with a hint of dew. When she opened her eyes, the stars had come loose from their oily home and were dancing their way toward her. She blinked as the first tiny star landed on the tip of her nose. It was cold and melted to a tiny speck of water. Snow! She hadn’t seen snow in a long time.

The stars were falling steadily now, small at first then turning to big fluffy flakes. She felt as if she had been dropped into a freshly shaken snow globe. The snow swirled and danced around her so thick she couldn’t see the houses. Snow was clinging to her black hair and eyelashes. It clung to her and crystallized to her robe turning it from black to white. She turned looking around her. Everything was white.

Then something caught her eye. A black shadow in the snow. She rubbed her eyes trying to get the snow out of them. She thought it was snow blindness, the snow playing tricks on her. She felt cold as she looked again. ‘Yeah, its there’ she thought, as she felt her body slouch with disappointment.

A black figure approached out of the blanket of white, it was walking upright, but had a peculiar stride. The only way to describe it was a kind of backwards limp. The shadow swayed and bobbed, its form skewed by the snow, but she knew. Her heart sank as the form grew nearer and gained definition. It was all too familiar. Then she saw its faintly glowing crimson eyes. She didn’t need to wait any longer. She had seen this before. She spun instinctively toward the house to run,...