Lotion Bars
Made with mango butter and jojoba oil to be non-greasy and packaged in an easy to apply stick. Vegan friendly.
  1. Original Lotion Bars
    Available in a variety of scents.
    Original Lotion Bars
  2. Warming Lotion Bar
    Dandelion and Sage are both known as warming herbs.
    Warming Lotion Bar
  3. Tension Rellief Lotion Bar
    Made with Crampbark
    Tension Rellief Lotion Bar
Y.O.U. Cream
Your Own Unique (YOU) creams are made in a variety of bases that you can add essential oils to for a cream that is uniquely you..

  1. Original
    YOU Original is a unscented, base cream that you can add a couple drops of essential or fragrance (oil based) to. Made with aloe vera, coconut milk and shea butter this cream is fast absorbing for busy people.
  2. Warmth
    Made with dandelion and sage for their deep tissue heating properties.
Bath Bombs
Made with coconut milk, avacado oil and coconut oil. Vegan friendly
  1. Cucumber Melon
    Pamper yourself! We make these guys little so you can add as much as you like to your bath. No fancy gimics here, natural ingredients including coconut milk, avocado oil with a touch of fragrance is all you'll find in these fizzing bath bombs.
    Cucumber Melon